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Tuesday, March 29, 2011



It's been a week and usually when I get on this thing, I get inspiration. Tonight, I'm completely drawing a blank..... All I can amount it to is the extreme exhaustion I am in, I don't think my body has felt true peace since, who knows. I find this week has been truly tough because not only have I been tired, the kids have been sick, managed to get me sick, and been wrestling with some deep things that I honestly didn't know how deep they were really in there.
About 2 nights ago I watched Eat.Pray.Love and it was such an inspiration to me. It was inspiration because she realized something wasn't right in her life and she decided to take action and deal with her issues and restore herself. I'm not saying we all need to get away from our families but just sitting in the silence can make an impact inwardly. It is so scary to sit in the quiet cause the only thing that is your companion at that very moment are your thoughts, your ideas, your past. To bring up the past, your struggles, your real heart and to truly make the stand to deal with everything..wow...just wow. I have a true issue with dealing with my own situations, give someone in need and I'm there, but I run as fast I can if they are mine.
I think my body is finally tired of the build up, so I'm going to try something this week. I'm going to sit down in complete silence and answer my issues right in the face. I most likely will push some down, but even I just conquered one that would make a HUGE difference, right?

Well, I guess I found out what needed to be written, I hope this finds you well and you join me in this battle. After all, we are ALL warriors. ;)

This weeks pictures are of the same thing, but they were all different (kinda). I think it's actually fitting for this blog. I find this to be a picture of revitalization. I hope you get what I mean.

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Evan said...

You are not doing this alone, though I bet it feels like you need to.
The chains really are dead on for this one.

You are stronger than any burdens that hold you down.
Because of Me you are. Because of My love you can be. And because of My grace, you will.