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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hope or Dismay?


Ok, so I thnk this post is mainly going to be about this one specific picture, cause when i say this I was so depressed at how the world sees not my generation but the young generations to follow. I was driving by and saw this kiosk and almost got into a car accident. The thing that bugged me the most is not that they thought this but that they were basically breathing those words on the world. Why would you want to point fingers instead try to get involved and help "mold" or encourage the generations to come to make a difference. It will not get done unless you get off your ass and make a change yourself. We need to stand up and prove people wrong, to show that we are life and world changers, that we are made for than what people write us off as. My heart aches for my generation because so many people put us down and we back down because of it. I know we are made for more, but do you? Do you believe you are worth more than what people say? The minute I saw that sign one phrase came to mind, so I will put it on my kiosk cause I want to breathe it on us. "A GENERATION OF HOPE"
I hope this finds you well and I hope you are encouraged to move towards more than the mundane.
Also, I cropped the picture cause I don't find it necessary to show who actually wrote it. And the other picture, I just like.


Evan said...

It's Hope. You are amazing and you need to know that.

Erin Hoffman said...

It's unfortunately always been strangely okay to say crappy things about young people. I like that it makes you mad. :) And am sad for people who actually believe it.

Nurturing Beginnings said...

Well said!