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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Limits and worth??


This week seems to be making the same point in my life, it's quite humorous, actually. This past week my life has been feeling that the time is passing by and almost like a ticking time bomb has started. Don't really what it means, I just know I am more compelled to be apart of something huge and find what I was meant to do. Doesn't mean I found it now, but something had been driving me, almost like this hole in me was showing me that it needs to be filled and it needs to be filled now. Well, still hasn't been filled but I can finally see the paths to choose from, instead of being in this stand still in the desert.   A while back I used to feel important and that I had worth, even if the worth wasn't from people I still felt semi-secure. That has slowly faded in time and I started feeling like I was just another person that I wasn't special or even that I had something to give to society or even to God that I just was.  So this week I was desiring that passion again that drive to do something effective in life but I couldn't shake this feeling that something was missing or that I couldn't do anything important just cause I don't something to give..it's a dreadful feeling, I tell ya.  Today, though, I was challenged. The best part was it was by the sermon at church, ha!  Ok, honestly I haven't felt pushed or challenged by much things and this seemed to engage my soul.  So the sermon was about how we need to be the "status quo" and that God has given each one of something special and we need to use it to our full ability, that we all have a purpose and we need to push our limits and exceed.  I had someone pray with me today cause I have been feeling like I lost myself, who I am, my purpose, my passions and she started praying and the one thing she kept saying that truly stuck with me is our identity isn't in the things we do or have, it's in God who created us.  It made sense, we can put stalk in the things we do, in our families, in anything but it still doesn't give us our identities...  I don't really know, this is all stirring madly in my head I just know deep down that we are more than what we "do".   

I hope you find your worth and that you can exceed any limit that is in front of you.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


To all you mum's out there (yes I decided to go British), Happy Mother's Day!

You know I never truly appreciated moms until I became one, honestly, I should be ashamed. There is so much time, effort, emotion, and passion in being a mom. Getting up, and giving your all to someone who may no even be grateful or acknowledge that you are being "selfless" to cultivate another human being.
Not only is tiring but it's nerve wrecking. To realize that this little thing, that is place in your care, is your responsibility and they trust you are going to keep them safe. Wow! It just makes me think how much faith we really do have just in one person, the one who cares for us. No, not all of us have had great childhoods, or for that matter parents, but we all have at least on person we do love and trust because they have been there for us. I do say that I am very grateful for mine. She has not only been a great cultivator but a wonderful person to aspire from.
she has pushed me when needed and she has also told me that the person to be is myself and she loves me because of that.
Thank you Mum (mwahaha) for being you. A warrior.
I'd also like to recognize another wonderful mum, I know, my sister. She is not only an overachiever :P but she a stupendous mum of 6..that's right 6 awesome kids. She is up early, caring for her tribe with love, homemade everything, and knowledge. I always thought that a Proverbs 31 woman was an impossible feat, but I was proven wrong when I saw my sister in action. Seriously, she's a bad ass!

I am blessed to have grown up with these women and am encouraged to grow older with them as well. They have seen me in my best and worst and yet they still love me...guess I should keep them around.
So may your day be filled with comfort and may we learn to appreciate the people that love us the most, even if it's not our mums. Because they care enough to stick around. :)