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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Lost Boys????

Imagination can only go as far as you let it...so unleash it and hope you get lost in the wonder it has to offer.

This week I was challenged by imagination and being afraid that I needed to harness it incase I was going to look silly. I woke up my best friend, put a whole bunch of play clothes in a box, and dragged all the above plus my boys to the beach to take pictures. Granted other options had been weighed into this idea but I kept think, "no I really want to go to the beach."  We made it and James just kept handing me lenses and when I'd get shy he'd go off, "what are you doing? Get in their and use the lens like its supposed to be used. Don't be afraid to get personal." 

After the shoot and feeling somewhat satisfied with what I got, we proceeded to head back to edit and once again I was pushed to do better than what I thought was good. James had me edit a pic and then he would show me what could have been different (not that one way was better than the other, but to get different points of views.) I learned more in those 3 hours than I have anywhere else. Why? Well, because I was challenged to get out of my comfort zone and use the wings I have. Whether or not I achieve my goal the first time I at least am unleashing my imagination and going where it leads me.

SO....without further ado, I give you the lost boys...may we always be lost in the world that inspires us to be better and/or marvelous.


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Donna Z Holmes said...

These pictures are very good, and very fun! I love the strength of the ocean in the back ground of the first picture, and the expressions you caught on the boys in some of the others. I love photography - the possibilities, and the stories behind what can be seen.

Love you, and thank you for sharing!