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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Breathe out the bad??

Hold on to the good, breathe out the bad.

As we end this year, I hope you look back and take everything in that has happened.  Every year (good or bad) has built the foundation we stand on and and whether or not it was good, it shapes you into the person you are today....
This year I have found it hard to be optimistic about what has happened but when I look back I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now.. I am finding myself, I am pushing through to be the mom I can be, I accepting I will impact this world...whether I am this blogger or a mom or a rock star God WILL use me the way he created me....no matter what other people believe about me I am a warrior for the cause of change (it's even in my name that I am a warrior).

I hope you come to the realization you are worth more than you believe, you are more impactful than you see.....the change you believe in, fight for your right to be marvelous,

I hope this session finds you well.

This was the most extreme I have done but honestly since I was not at my computer and using my tools I decided to branch out instead of twitching... 
so the first one was inspired by my oldest as we were running around the block. He pointed out and asked, "Who is that old lady?" and my first response was to tell him not to say that because it was rude and his response. "Why? Isn't that what she is?"   I am always reminded that children don't see the world like the jaded adult. They see things for face value and point out the truth. It's so sad as adults we reprimand the truth our children bring out because it's rude. So this was inspired but the truth we try to correct. 
the others were just fun!


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Donna Z Holmes said...

Wonderful post, thank you for sharing your thoughts, your heart, and your pictures!

God Bless!