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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Organic Alphabet??

Hey Everyone,

     I have been taking some classes at the Phoenix Center for the Arts, as you guessed, in Phoenix. I have started beginners piano and digital photography 101. Both classes have been such a great opportunities to meet new people, to learn the thing I've always wanted to, and to stretch my mind.

  Last week in photography, we had an assignment that was meant to open our minds to the world around us. We were to take pictures of the 26 letters in the alphabet in organic form. It was a great adventure and taught me a lot about how the alphabet is everywhere :)

I hope this finds you well.

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Grace McHugh said...

As in an a LoverBoy song "lovin' every minute of it, hey hey!" Love, love, love the creativity. Stunning, mind twisting..........gets the senses stirred. I love your eye. Well, and the rest of you too. :)