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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Museums and hand on creativity?


I can't believe it's been so long since the last post, time really does fly by.  My mind is a bit exhausted so today will be another short one. 

These pictures are of the day Ev and I took the boys to the Phoenix Children's Museum. I think it was one of the best museums I've been to, mainly because it was full of hands on learning and creativity.  It was also nice because I wasn't needing to be on the boys for touching things or going places they shouldn't because the whole place was intended to get in the midst of things and learning. 

I hope this finds you well.



Evan said...

you were right, the second one with mirrors doesn't need the colors to have depth. Understudy.

Grace McHugh said...

It looks like a fabulous museum. Just looking at the pictures makes me want to go there for my sake! :) And so nice to have the children touch to their heart's content.

Zee said...

I love the pictures, fabulous! You have captured the beauty of your family, as well as sending an invitation to visit the museum. Maybe you should consider a future in advertising ;-)