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Saturday, April 30, 2011

cookie cutter mold??

Do you ever feel like you lose yourself? Wondering why you are on this earth or who you really are and what you really like instead of following the same thing the crowd is? I find myself in this situation so many times, changing who I am so I can "fit in." But I guess the real question is why do we try to fit in, when clearly, we are no designed to be exactly alike?

I guess last night, I was sitting for a bit and really pondering why so many times we need to badly to fit in, why do we need to be accepted so much that most times we change ourselves. Why is it so hard for us to just to be accepting of who we are and who other are, why is different so "scary"? This really doesn't feel like it's flowing tonight, I guess I can blame myself for not keeping up on this. It seems this week isn't really an epiphany but more of soul searching. I would love to be who God made me to be and what he has called me to be, but so many times I feel like I am stuck on that paved road instead of exploring the areas surrounding and seeing what God really has in store for us. We want purpose but are so comfortable in the place we are that we lose the potential we have by not even trying. I'm tired of being comfortable and ready to jump into the unknown...I guess the question is..where do you go?

I hope this finds you well and I hope it's legible.

so many photos because I was awesome and got comfortable ;).


Evan said...

You know how much I love to give you advice, but this time I genuinely don't have any to give.
Wish I could have left a private comment.

Nurturing Beginnings said...

God has great plans - it is all about the journey ;-)

Grace McHugh said...

There is joy in the journey I have been told. Most of the time I fail to see that joy but that is typically my fault. You are starting to look around and I know you will see joy in things that I would fail to see. Love you friend.