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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hey Everyone,

I hope your week has been wonderful and adventureful. This week has been very eventful, dramatic, full of learning, full of warmth (Summer hurry up!), and yet also very humbling. This is quite amusing cause after my last post of conquering the world speech, don't get me wring I still believe it will happen, but I was involved in so many things that I actually was cause stress on my life thinking I could take over EVERYTHING right now. I was involved in about 5 things during the week on top of trying to be a Mom. Well, the funniest thing happened, I decided to add an ulcer onto my schedule which was the cause of so much on my plate. I had to cut down to 2 things which I am going to be taking a break from now for about a month. Anyways, I'm not looking for a "you poor thing" it was actually what was a necessary thing at the mo. It was a lesson in itself, cause I was relying on myself thinking I was capable to take on the weight of the world and still make a difference. I learned that a core group is key for support and growth, not just for sanity's sake but for strength. There is a quote in my head right now and it's quite amusing but if you think about it it makes sense in some skewed way, "never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups." Just writing it makes me giggle because stupid or not you have a bigger when you have a group, a team, and your support. I was taught this week that I am NOT capable without my husband's support and most of all without my God. Some of you may disagree about my belief about God but it's my belief and I will stand by it. I have screwed up so many times and yet He has been there. Anyways, I think I have gone way off track and this whole thing may not make complete sense, just remember to think in devinese HAHA!

So to the pictures......I was so intrigued by the leaf because if you looked at it on the ground it looked complete, but when you placed it in the sun every flaw was shown and it was still beautifully detailed.
The next one was fun because I actually did not do anything to this picture on the computer. I messed with the shutter speed and I got a cockamamie picture. I love that word :).
The third was just fun, I love the detail of wood. I love the curves, grain, and complexity it brings.
Last but not least, Ewan. It was a fun picture cause he is always so full of life and it's a rarity to see him annoyed.
I love my boys!

Thanks for listening to my rants and I hope this leaves you well.

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Evan said...

You inspire me. "cockamamie," +1