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Saturday, February 5, 2011


As I'm sitting here, trying to start this blog up, I'm really wondering why I'm even trying to write a blog. Let's be honest, I'm a terrible writer, I will most likely forget about this, and as you can already tell my punctuation is atrocious. In, the end of all the cons, I am compelled to start this. Maybe it's proving to myself that maybe I can actually finish something I start. Or maybe it's just proving to myself that I am starting a new chapter in my life and it will lead to great things. Not hopefully, but it will. We hope but do we ever really agree that we were made for more than the mundane or hoping that our lives will start soon with something that involves adventure or meaning. We were already created for the impossible, I accept that I was/am made for this challenge. I think I just went on a tangent, but maybe it was necessary, not just for me but for whoever was intended to read this.

So now here it goes.....I plan on doing the "365 project", but in a more interesting way. I plan on doing this but instead of putting up a new things up everyday, I will put something up once a week. So you could say "PROJECT 52". I will also put up probably more than one picture, but it will be something that will move me and I hope inspire you.

This week's picture was a picture that was taken about 2 weeks ago when it decided to pour down in January. Hmmm. Well I love this picture because of the color and the way water ripples. It's also a new beginning picture for me. It was taken in January and all the snow had just been washed away, creating a new terrain. Hope you enjoy, and I hope I was too all over the place in this post.



Courtney said...

I love the picture :) and I can't wait to watch and follow your blog.
I love you, Courtney

Grace McHugh said...

Love this picture. It rests my soul.

Nurturing Beginnings said...

I am excited about your pictures and your blog. You are gifted and I am proud to have two of your pictures in my house, thank you! I love you, Baby of Mine.