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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The wedding pt1??

Hey everyone,

There is no excuse for me not writing on this blog except I have been just plain lazy. :D

About a week ago I was privileged to take pictures for a beautiful wedding in CO Springs for Mr and Mrs. Clayton Casey.  Not only was the bride illuminating beauty but the ceremony was the most heart felt service I have been to. Clayton and Vanessa were asked to write out the sermon themselves and I can say they have beautiful souls.
I learned so much through this experience, especially since this was my first wedding. But weddings are hard to shoot and also hard to gather and organize people without feeling like a dictator or being in the way. You really have to learn how to try to be as much of a ninja as you can with getting the ideal shots. I give props to wedding photographers because you have an amazing talent with your creativity, your leadership, and your perseverance. The funny part is you come home with heaps and heaps of pictures to find you can only use about 1/3 of the pictures you took..Yay for editing haha no.
I also was blessed having a teammate at the wedding, Aric. Not only was he helpful but so encouraging and knowledgeable. Thank You!!

So in other words, God thank you for growing me through this experience and for the help you give and for the lesson we learn along the way. 
I hope this finds you well.


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